Solo Sex Is for Everyone — Here’s How to Get Started

The partnered sex can be great but solo sex holds as much as of important as doing it with a partner. According to sex experts, it is important to have a solo session apart from the session with your partner.

It is one of those activities that connect your senses to the romantic and erotic feelings. Thus, anything that leads you to sensual feelings is important. Whether it is done alone or with a partner.

Why It Is Important?

Just the way partnered session is important, the solo and alone timing connects starters to their sexuality. It leads to a confident experience and makes them understand their body properly. Not just the starters though. It also decreases stress and other issues in sexually active folks.

How To Start?

To get yourself into the mood you can turn down the lights and put that sex playlist music on. Lit scented candles and massage cream or any oil on your limbs. Switch off your phone and take some deep breathes.

Try Sex Toys

The number 1 prop to have a better solo experience is to use sex toys. You can use any type of them to find out what works for you. Don’t forget to apply ample amounts of lube if your intension is to have butt play.

There are many forms of toys available in the market. For example, vibrators, non-vibrating steel wands, remote control toy, sex pillow and more. All of these works differently but gives immense pleasure on their own.

Try Various Stroking Patterns

This is where most people lack pleasure. You should never stay stuck to one type of stoke. If you have a clit, then try strokes that are clockwise and counterclockwise, diagonal, and tapping on the clitoris with fingers.

On the other hand, if you have a penis then try double fisting, tornado-like strokes, tapping the head while making up and down strokes, sifting between fast and slow strokes alternatively, and more. If you’ve found what makes you feel good, then stick to it for a while.

Try Anal Play

It doesn’t matter if you have a clit or penis, anal has half the nerves that need stimulation too. It creates a sense of fullness in both, men and women. Prep up with a lot of lube and then use fingers, anal beads, or butt plugs to enjoy the sensations.

Kitchen Anyone?

Laying in the same spot can be boring for some. To beat the boringness, try different locations in your home. For example, kitchen, and while taking a shower in the bathroom. For the adventure’s sake, you can even try it in a public place. But make sure it is safe to do so. Parks, private beaches, roof, or try any other public place where you feel no one will notice you.

Change Positions

You never know which position can bring immense pleasure to you. Try missionary position and let the vibrator do its work. You can even try laying on your stomach, stand, or ride on the vibrator by sitting on the mattress. It can give an intense sensation that eventually leads to a better orgasm.

Other Tips

You can always try with different things to find out what arouses you the most. Go ahead and experiment with visuals and sounds like porn and audio erotica. In the end, don’t forget to clean the wands or any other props you used to masturbate.



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